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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs vs Population Problem


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Naturally if the human species keeps growing at the rate that it has over the past 100 years, we will experience as population of near 12,000,000,000 by year 2100C.E. and 24,000,000,000 by year 2200C.E….It is almost unthinkable to imagine what people will do with themselves if jobs and resources are still scarce at that time. The economic management philosophies of the day: Capitalism can only distribute the potential for self actualization, as Maslow defines it to 1% of the most affluent factions of the species. From this standpoint, it is evident that there is in-fact a population problem.

Market forces don’t yield solutions to scarcity, they simple manage them and ensure that goods and services are distributed to the most worthy consumer per some value derivation.

My question to the everyone is: Are we spending our time asking the wrong questions and solving the wrong problems? While efficiency in distribution is ideal, creating environments for abundant resource consumption would be more ideal in the preservation of the species and ensuring that everyone is adding some quality input to our terrestrial and celestial missions.

My next book, Integrationalism: Spiritual disincentives for humanity will discuss self-actualization extensively.

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