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Buffett, Jay-Z On The Power of Luck

Buffet & Jigga Video Network | Forbes 400: Buffett, Jay-Z On The Power of Luck.

About 21:00 minutes in…

Luck of the draw is what it’s called…hearing Buffet and Jigga talk about how lucky they are, rather than talented is entertaining indeed, but also makes me a bit uneasy when considering the hypocritical regard they (Jigga especially) have for their success, as to say that they are “smart” or that anyone could every be for that matter. This interview brings into question the whole concept of elitism and the bearers of it.

Acknowledging that being in the right place at the right time matters, and assuming ownership of a large amounts of wealth is hypocritical in itself because of the inability of the individual to consume so awesomely….or is it?

LOL….Down with elitism! Spread the wealth! Maximize the potential of the species!

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