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Spirituality: Economic disincentives for humanity

This incentive model is a prelude to our second publication in 2011 Integrationalism: Exploring Spiritual Disincentives for Humanity. Individualism molds all spiritual thought, and in-turn, adversely effects the ethical regard that men/women can have for peers. This text suggests that humans have no incentive to interact harmoniously under a spiritual and moreover an individualistic regard. We are pursuing solutions in the dark.

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Holiday Shopping? The Detroit Tale.

Eastland mall shootout unnerves holiday shoppers | | The Detroit News.

I won’t say that it scares me, but I guess I have to be aware of my surroundings,” said Betty Jean Chapel, a 40-year-old Detroit resident who was squeezing in some Christmas shopping Sunday. “I will have to come to the storenot just here, but any storeget what I need and leave.”

Translation: I am insane to consume….at all cost…any price…..including my life….and I am willing to die…for a sale 🙂 …it’s all I know to do….so kill me….I want to die for corporations 🙂

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