"all things in existence are physiologically connected"

Why Technoprogressive?

I’m a bit taken back by the people who think that there will be a cultural or social revolution that liberates them from all of the oppressions, corruption, and collusive dangers that they identify as ailing their lives. It’s illogical (in my opinion) to think that a pervasive change in any or all societies will occur based on word-of-mouth campaigns and teaching alone. Only a change in technological solutions/availability can provoke some type of social constructivism.  We can easily reference our recent history (past 3000 years) to evaluate how social constructivism alone has aided the socio-politically oppressed. With a transition from feudalism to communism to socialism to capitalism we’ve witnessed a premium of rent seekers being fulfilled and pacified in order to keep the relative order of the age before. There is no bohemian or retro revolution taking human kind back to the good ol’ days….because there weren’t any…lol; hence, the steadfast development of technological enhancements to our quality of life.

I hope this post doesn’t come off as angry, but its annoying to hear the conservative and progressives alike argue for caution, and that there exists a possibility for old fashioned incentives to come about that inspire transparency, reliability, prudence, fairness, or anything of the like. Our development of technologies is our only hope to survive well.


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