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Ron Mueck Art Exhibition

I just saw this on Tommey Walker’s site and it made me think, about my own mortality. Turning 30 this past weekend, I kept telling myself that it was just another day/year/decade, but it really took me by surprise and I was lost in the day, unlike all of the 20 something celebrations. My mother came to visit, we didn’t do anything wildly extravagant. We just talked about the past 30 years. It was different. I usually have a plan. I’ve tried to out do the last year, make a rare memory, take on the most legal risk possible…perhaps that has exhausted itself. Perhaps the world was far too accessible for me in my 20s.

The Electronic Revolution is Over

I saw this on Paul Saffo’s website and thought you’d all like to see it as well. 30 could be argued for accuracy, but +/- a few years and its a good gauge. The growth of technologies and our own biology requires even more minds dedicated to the exploration of the ethical “good”

tech trans

Saffo: about IFTF.

The Eyeborg Documentary Short

A documentary short about people living with futuristic artificial limbs, today….eyes, legs, arms…will it be desirable to get rid of your healthy limbs in order to get more robust implants in the future?

3 Question: Human Value Survey

In chatting with people online about the enduring Jobs crisis in the USA and distribution of wealth (value), I regularly received responses that people (Americans in this case) care less about others who have (per the responders) intrinsic value. And so, I’m compelled to ask the question: If some, thing, has an intrinsic value, how can it’s care be avoided or go uncompensated? Please take a quick moment to give me your thoughts on THIS SURVEY

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