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Golden Ratio Point Of The World (Mecca) | Excerpt

This is an excerpt from my new book  w/ Common Ground Pub

In the context of the modernly popularized “theory of everything”, the beginning, the ideal origin, there are some cultural biases in its presentation. Philosophers in computer science, physical science, neuroscience, and others are regularly presenting theories with an absolutist use of language. Whether the theory is a well designed virtual simulation, or an equation, or identification of some subconscious divinity produced by cranial activity that is human-kind’s beginning, or divine regulation, or end, they are presented in a fashion that suggests that human-kind can see the beginning or end of its proverbial tunnel without experiencing and building adequate philosophy along the way. Perhaps theory is presented as a cocky end-all because everyone to date has been indoctrinated in some cultural understanding that absolutes are accessible, regardless of how dynamic our physical web of worlds and elements is.

For instance, take the Golden Ratio when applied to some space and time. I was recently sent a YouTube video by a friend who identifies himself as being of eastern European ethnicity and of Islamic faith, explaining how the Golden Ratio is a numerical expression of perfection for the wide range of things specific to his culture, from facial structure measurements to geographic locations on the globe. I found the video wildly convincing and entertaining, but logically aloof. I could go on-and-on about the flaws of logic in that video, but I won’t (just a bit). The YouTube video stated that Mecca was at the exact point on the earth that is calculated as the Golden Ratio because of its relative placement at specific times of the day to the Moon and Sun, regarding the axis of the Earth. I actually laughed out loud (LOL), because of the general knowledge that the Moon is moving away from the Earth at a steady (but nominal relative to our short individual life spans currently)
pace of approximately two and one-half centimeters per year, which in-turn gradually changes the axis of the Earth and its position relative to the Sun. Perfection is not terminologically adequate to be used in relation to a dynamic system like that of anything physical. The ideal that something can be perfect or that someone can be perfect or even smart is ridiculous,
because of the constantly evolving space in which we are, existing (living, dying, transplanting, traveling, etc).

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