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Insight: the next genre change

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In the middle of the last decade we started to see a flurry of research papers stemming from universities and like institutions harping on the idea of “casual information visualization” and the how human-kind would engage the grand data infrastructure that was newly recognizable in our internet searches and social networks. As usual, the public intellectuals lead the discovery of a problem where our technological infrastructure, both software and hardware, couldn’t meet the demand of being able to understand the data exhausted from the world surrounding us.

Three years into this decade we’ve finally seen a convergence of infrastructures hardware, software, and methodological-ware (cultural in most cases), where individuals have an identifiable need for insight from the data in their ecosystem to make their daily decisions, better. Insight is the objective of computing.

As far as the 21st century goes, we are at the commencement of yet another genre change in technological development. We’ve seen 1) Search 2) Social … and now 3) Insight will lead the next wave of software, hardware, and methodological development. Human-kind continually endeavors to make sense of the surrounding world.

What is an insight? Intuitively apprehending the true nature of a thing. While the philosophical community has never been able to firmly depict the true nature of “being” for a plethora of phenomena and opinion, human-kind’s sustained existence shows that one pervasive objective has always been to understand and adapt. Insights of sorts; across the political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological spectrums will ultimately ensuring our endured existence.

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