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Project Uplift and Distribution of Value

I got a call yesterday from a head hunter friend that is aware of some of my company and product development work around strategies to better distribute values, as I’ve argued in Integrationalism that we are reaching a point where we cannot create jobs and should be indemnifying people for their participation in discovering, developing, and distributing the valuable goods & services that exist.

This California based group called Project Uplift  ran by Andrew Johnson is  aiming to do just that: better distribute values. In my next set of essays I’ll be exploring how we carrying this indemnification of toiling to other mediums (in & outside of social networking).

History lesson: Project Uplift was a major short-term program of the Great Society. It was an experimental anti-poverty program in Harlem, New York in the summer of 1965, intended to prevent the recurrence of the riots that hit the community the summer before.[1]

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