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Transcendence Trailer

Isn’t it fascinating how the anti-tech group in this trailer use tech to try and kill Will? Speculation about the very nature of a “singularity” has consumed technology futurists: the singulartarians and the non, and while I like the thought of directors playing with and ideal of a singularity, it would be good to see some diversity in perspective. Specifically I mean, it would be good to see some optimistic interpretations.

Transcendence directot Wally Pfister is known for playing with philosophy in his interpretations of scripts like his work on and The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Inception (2010), and the most fascinating in my opinion, play on choice and choas with his Joker character in The Dark Knight (2008).

Technology is ubiquitous in the future that I foresee, and I don’t think an evolution per technology is a good/bad or avoidable phenomenon, morals specific to propping up the system (a group of human-kind) are necessary.

Reinventing Society in the Wake of Big Data

Please watching this video of wise rants by ALEX ‘SANDY’ PENTLAND. I agree with most of what he has said. I should start recording thoughts on film more. Ideas on how we leverage data to identify each other is where the heavy lifting of socio-economic philosophy resides in this century. Narrowing the focus from averages of groups to the individual. We are in extraordinary times. Over the course of the next few weeks when I get some downtime for the holidays, i will comment in more detail about Pentland’s conversation.

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