"all things in existence are physiologically connected"

How Sensors and Phones play on Ethical Technology Growth

The technologies demonstrated in the video “iDoctor Could a smartphone be the future of medicine” are of the group of sensors that are and will continue to transform our future lives. Of course I’m 100% behind the development of these technologies, per everything that I’ve written in the past. My concerns are around the economic ethics related to the development of technologies in general.

By “economic ethics” I’m meaning to touch on the necessary monitoring of economic transitions that happen as a result of discovering and deploying new technology. The creative class (that discovers and deploys tech) is regularly taking away from the potential of the consumer class via the method of ownership. Often the ownership of technologies is “out-right” and fails to take into account the individuals and institutions that help one of many of the stages of technology coming-to-market. The three stages are: discovery, development, and deployment. At some point in one or all of such stages the creative class is assisted by the consumer class to ensure that products/services are adequate.

Watch the video and listen to the talk about expensive and cheap medical processes: This is where I’m troubled from an economic standpoint…as we leverage tech to reduce costs in industry, the original value still exists. Meaning the revenues have the potential to only go to the product producers and the idea generators. further, as it takes more and more interdisciplinary understanding to produce innovative ideas. This is bad for the non-creative (or consumer) class from an economic standpoint. Such unavoidable happening are why I’m writing this third installment of Integrationalism to touch on ownership and distribution of value.

Thanks to Dr Shellae Versey for sending me this video.

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