"all things in existence are physiologically connected"

Author Quotes

“The anger of youth’s magnifying glass is always compelling. But it’s always from the POV of a magnifying glass.” 7/4/2015

“Value is constant and pervasive. Like that of energy, it cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can change form”

“Contrary to popular speech, history does not repeat itself, but its echo is loud and clear”

“Technology allows talent to scale. but it doesn’t compel economic models to incentivize talent to multiply, all of our economic recessions going forward will be coined as, jobless”

“Sciences…Technologies of sorts, only start to become valuable when they create Information Technologies, this is when we start to understand things that are not intuitive.”

“We will not be remembered”

“It is impossible to reform an antiquated model from within or by adopting any variation of conservative stances; change only comes by replacing the antiquated with the modern.”

“Since the beginning man has been one. All division and protests by the masses are PEST [political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological] advances of the few power seekers.””My objective is to explore the probability that our current set of epistemological understandings actually benefit the productive interaction of our species. I don’t believe that humans have a predisposed “nature” about themselves or that quarrels are designed into our very being and therefore need supreme regulation.”

“The working class is stuck in a phase of perpetual reality, where they simply don’t have the time to explore anything beyond their most immediate problems; this, stifling their potential.”

“Don’t let the pessimism of your intellect abridge the optimism of your will”

“The answers are irrelevant without the right questions”

“If you are not willing to die, then you won’t be able to actually live”

“Life is about making a conscious effort to ask the best questions possible”

“People are too gaudy in 2010, spending time and money to impress other poor people with material things is like juggling for a blind audience”

“When you vote with your wallet, you are actually just shopping”

“Markets create failures”

“Material consumption is not about material things, but it is about self definition…not necessarily a good thing when you don’t know your makers/marketers.”

“We are at the end of the great-moderation. Looking at business cycles instead of how to harness human capital is essentially wasting time, as operational efficiency is nearing its zenith outside of AI”

“Those that only do what they are paid for, will never be paid much”

“without adequate information there is no free choice”

“Individualism, and further, spirituality will never bring wide spread harmonies to human kind, as there are no incentives to.”


  Problems in Pragmatic Politics « INTEGRATIONALISM wrote @

[…] self definition, It’s not necessarily a good thing when you don’t know your makers/marketers.2 A real remedy to the problem would merit some investment in the affected public, but that is not to […]

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