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#OWS #OCCUPY TOGETHER set to “LOVE THAT’S AMERICA” by Melvin Van Peebles

Seeing all of the cities that this movement has swept by in the US alone is tragic and compelling. I finding my household falling somewhere at the tip of the economic 1% percent and yet I’m driving to post images and video of this on going protest and the efforts to hush it, because of my fear that the ideal of a democratic nation vanish in my short lived lifetime. Anyone would know from my writings on arbitrage that if the wealth is n;t distributed across a relatively (per the population) wide audience that influence is impossible.

The 99% are not just Hippies!

The people occupying wall street and other streets in the United States are not just a group of feed up hippies. They are the people who work just beside us, who have worked just beside us, who wont work beside us again.

I’d just like to know how should they be valued? About 4 weeks ago, before the occupy wall street movement started, I asked the people I knew a few questions about humans and their value, without any narrative to change their understanding of the rigid terms I used. The survey just reached 900 responses from some of the people I knew.

When I asked if humans had intrinsic value, the 900 responded:

When I asked if it was possible for people’s value to be avoided or uncompensated, the 900 responded:

When I asked if people should be compensated for their intrinsic value, the 900 responded:

Perhaps human value is extrinsic, or specific to its surroundings….

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