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Behind 2027: The World of Deus Ex: Human Revolution: “Purity First”

What a game. This potential reality is why we need an ethical model without spiritual and individualistic ambiguities. A set of physical solutions for problems created by beings of physical bounds is necessary. Traditional ideals on ownership and individualism are the greatest barriers human-kind have. This potential reality is what motivated the incentive model presentation and the next book publication. The humanist ideals behind title of this trailer “Purity First” is insufficient. The ideal that remaining the same will save us from our potential selves is against everything that is/was human. I regularly hear people talk of human nature as if we’ve had some predisposed mission here on earth. Knowing that there are people who think that
Nothing is new because our culture is saturated in nostalgia, and we believe that there is an ancient solution to our most modern problems. I think it’s naive. There is no old wisdom alone that will remedy the problems of tomorrow. Most of these problems are not recognizable because they are not intuitive to our very being, and as a result there are not “common sense” remedies.
This video game trailer shows all of the problems that exist as a result of our inability to address our naive understandings of individualism, ownership, and ethics.
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