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Critque: Capitalism, class and class struggle for (ex) dummies

Capitalism, class and class struggle for (ex) dummies

I just happened to be out at a festival in Brooklyn this past week and there was a table from the AK Press, as there are frequently. On the table are a few dozen pamphlets with Anarchist reads. so I took about 20, just to see what the people at this particular event are taking in. I’m not sure how many people were reading this stuff, because I was the only person asking questions at the free literature table for at least 30 minutes. This text Capitalism, class and class struggle for (ex) dummies tries to sum up capitalism in a friendly way, they even call the readers (ex) dummies. I’m unsure who the authors are, as they weren’t presented, but I do know that it came from someone or many @IOHNYC via @libcomorg & @AKPressDistro.

This critique will be short and is specific to Integrationalism which is the notion that we are all physiologically connected; based on my previous writings on “Human Nature / Technological Determinism / Competition as as spawn of Individualism”. The brief read was entertaining, and the use of prose made their concept of capitalism digestible. It elaborates that capitalism was established by other-than “natural” forces. More specifically: violence and imperialism. Sorts of politics by the first advanced countries in Europe as they aimed to compete for scarce resources.

The term nature will forever be ambiguous, because of its reference to the physical world; and as we are physical entities, all that we can know is a apart of the physical world/realm. “Natural” can also reference a nostalgic or more primitive state of existing socially and technologically. This is where I have to assume that the argument for capitalism by force (for lack of better phrases) stems. This notion of force is a false, as the first technologically elite nations fought over scarce land, resources, and allusive faiths. This competition stems from the inherent arbitrage that already existed by a more primitive brand of capital from tribal times: land & people.

We live in  a dynamic physical realm where growth is essential to our survival. Human-kind is inherently ambitious in this regard.

While it is impossible phenomenologically for human’s to actually have a nature about themselves, the one thing that we’ve always tried to do is control our situation to better manage the risks of uncertainty. It’s not an ill mission, but the pathology of our altruism often shows that it is our most stifling virtue. Projecting our idea of greatness onto the entire population is not progressive, even as technology progresses. we must compel growth via our technologies.

Regardless of the horrible brand at places like the economic phenomena (not system) of Capitalism is human-kinds most technologically advanced attempt at distribution of values, and while it has its flaws, the growth and ability of our information tech and bio tech will allow us the opportunity (if we so choose to seize it) to better distribute value and compel growth by participation of persons. This text called Capitalism for (ex)dummies is misleading and a dangerous attempt to bring attention to one of the most important issues of any time.

Humans Cant Have Nature

The effort to survive and to be better is something indicative to the living experience. Specific to humans, the phenomena is not synonymous with their nature,  as nature suggests too rigidly a mission of these entities. The human experience is in fact a system made up of individuals who derive their value from one another, and from non-human entities. While the dynamism of the living experience cannot be possessed by individual entities alone, it is physical and encompassing of the system of entities. The ideal of “nature” is an over simplification of the dynamic system of life.

Behind 2027: The World of Deus Ex: Human Revolution: “Purity First”

What a game. This potential reality is why we need an ethical model without spiritual and individualistic ambiguities. A set of physical solutions for problems created by beings of physical bounds is necessary. Traditional ideals on ownership and individualism are the greatest barriers human-kind have. This potential reality is what motivated the incentive model presentation and the next book publication. The humanist ideals behind title of this trailer “Purity First” is insufficient. The ideal that remaining the same will save us from our potential selves is against everything that is/was human. I regularly hear people talk of human nature as if we’ve had some predisposed mission here on earth. Knowing that there are people who think that
Nothing is new because our culture is saturated in nostalgia, and we believe that there is an ancient solution to our most modern problems. I think it’s naive. There is no old wisdom alone that will remedy the problems of tomorrow. Most of these problems are not recognizable because they are not intuitive to our very being, and as a result there are not “common sense” remedies.
This video game trailer shows all of the problems that exist as a result of our inability to address our naive understandings of individualism, ownership, and ethics.
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