"all things in existence are physiologically connected"

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General Theory of Value

The 3rd book from Integrationalism will be specific to the distribution of value via ownership. We are looking to start editing in the Summer of 2013

General Theory of Value:

Per integrationalism, entities in existence are connected at the sub-atomic scale. The growth or retraction of entities in existence directly affects that of the broader group of entities, with variances of affect based on degrees-of-separation. Variances of shared stakeholder value exist across the connected group of entities, regardless of its distribution.  


James Felton Keith


Integrationalism is not Utopian in its ideal of engagement.

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Someone caught my ear today while confessing that everyone won’t want to contribute or participate “productively” (per what the a local or broader social elite consider it to be), for any number of psychological or sociological reasons….and I agreed, still to say further, that “the goup” she defined as elite are obligated (per Integrationalism) to make a formidable offer to those non-participants in order to reach their (the groups) potential.

We cannot as an evolving species or group of species, afford to write-off sentient beings as obsolescence without engaging them well with information/resources available….or we are selling ourselves short.


Ownership - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In this age we must own our existence or someone or something else will – JFKII


Now that topics like, the potential for abundance, and restraints of spirituality are out of the way, Integrationalism can assess the good stuff……….


Here is a sneak peak at the next cover of Integrationalism

Here is a peak at the next cover of Integrationalism

Spirituality: Economic disincentives for humanity

This incentive model is a prelude to our second publication in 2011 Integrationalism: Exploring Spiritual Disincentives for Humanity. Individualism molds all spiritual thought, and in-turn, adversely effects the ethical regard that men/women can have for peers. This text suggests that humans have no incentive to interact harmoniously under a spiritual and moreover an individualistic regard. We are pursuing solutions in the dark.

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