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Death on Facebook

I’ve just witnessed death in real time, after the happening on Facebook – a late 20 something suicide, scientist, and former classmate of mine….He planned it in plenty of detail, he opened his profile to “everyone”, he wrote messages to everyone before he went missing on March 19th and was eventually found in his car on March 22nd off of a highway. While this was/is a tragedy, and a loss to human kind and the scientific body of knowledge that we’ve been building over the past millennia, I can’t help but think of the compelling end-of-life questions that this raises for me…considering I were in the young veterinary and comparative medicine fellow’s shoes.

Having the opportunity to plan, would I make my social network passwords available with instructions for my estate administrators?

But consider my last entry on life extension and the individual that is compelled for whatever reason to terminate her/his life during situational immortality. It appears that the aforementioned scientists was a religious person, further, a spiritual person and (I’m speculating) found some value in the afterlife, based on comments by his sister and friends…but what if in a world where the human experience were copied and uploaded into/onto vessels of sorts and individual weren’t incline to participate? Someone in the course of some scientific breakthrough….Like: A veterinarian working as a fellow in comparative medicine studying something of value to the evolving species and its body of knowledge. Would we mortals and our technological extensions be compelled to prevent death for the “greater good”?….Just as in the past we’ve advocated death for the greater good?

What do you think?

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