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Is it possible to make the brain more moral?

The NYU Center for Bioethics, the Duke Kenan Institute for Ethics, the

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John Sexton confesses to mediocrity

John Sexton

Charlie Rose – John Sexton, President of New York University.

This interview was an extraordinary review of how the antiquated models of engagement from the 20th century are beginning to destroy to the modern day. From a birds-eye view this was a progressive conversation on education in the 21st century, but what is progressive about opening up universities where people can afford to go to school, and offering them access to the entire campus (online/other).

John Sexton admits in this interview to being the product of the advantages of his cultural and tribal affiliations during the mid-20th century. As he stated, every institution in which he applied turned him down for admittance, but his personal relationships advocated heavily for him to “belong” well in institutional American affluence….big titles, little responsibility….exclusive clubs, little accountability….high acclaim, little innovation… Sexton is a great example of the access to opportunity that was available to his boomer generation in the last century. In my opinion this generation’s chair holding strategy’s lack of progressive execution is a core cultural culprit of the enduring economic crisis.

By far the most astute ideal that Sexton talked about was an analogy built by someone else (Kevin Wheeler), called T-shaped people, in reference to progressive human resources.What Sexton doesn’t talk about is that he is consistently training the other-than T-shaped worker to enter the work force and that human resources analysts today don’t understand how to accommodate T shapes, as I point out in Integrationalism: Essays on the rationale of abundance after page 116 while elaborating on the ideal that livelihood provides incentives for us all to adopt or pass on a more divers and comprehensive set of educational goals. Sexton should be laying out strategy to T-shaped people in the modern world, not simply adding IT infrastructure and buildings in the satellite New York Cities…

Considering Sexton as a representative of the cream of boomer crops, is the round of self applause that this generation is giving itself justified or unwarranted?

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