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The Dumbest Idea In The World?

Roger Martin thinks the culprit behind the sorry state of American capitalism: our deep and abiding commitment to the idea that the purpose of the firm is to maximize shareholder value.

Is there any way to disincentivize profit seeking run-a-muck? These are the questions that this book doesn’t answer, it merely sheds light on the problem. But the sport analogies were nice :-). The definition of “value” also varies depending on the stakeholder and their time/cost (risk) threshold.

In the next Integrationalism book I’ll elaborate on remedies to curb the potential for rational-self-interest and collusion to run-a-muck. These remedies will be centered around better distribution of ownership over assets of sorts.



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In this age we must own our existence or someone or something else will – JFKII


Now that topics like, the potential for abundance, and restraints of spirituality are out of the way, Integrationalism can assess the good stuff……….


Video – U.S. Job Market — People Staying in Jobs Longer

Video – U.S. Job Market — People Staying in Jobs Longer –

The Cleveland Fed shows research that people staying in jobs for longer periods of time is requiring adding the economic shock of any crisis where lay-offs or retraction is involved. The problem with this is that research also shows that people out of work are less likely ever re-enter the work force.

While economists (per the this interview) wouldn’t look at this as a “structure problem” because of the forecasted potential for worker volume to return, it is likely that their opinions are a bit too faithful in the existing model of compensating laborers for a honest days work. The enduring jobs crisis can and should of course be looked at as an economic issue and even a political issue, but it would likely be better pursued as a socio-cultural and a legal issue.

The ideal of honesty and the preferred compensation for ones good work is perhaps too subjective; having stated that, the ability for an individual to own so greatly in lieu of the potentially many other individuals that cater to the discovery, development, and distribution of goods/services is (in my opinion) the root cause of our (nation, states, humans) wealth distribution and compensation problems.

Google German Street View met with Opposition

Deutsche Welle | 20.09.2010.

I heard this story yesterday and thought of the non-existent opposition that Google in getting in its home country while charting as much of it as possible. I’ve actually enjoyed using Google Maps and Google Earth in every country that I’ve been in to chart my travel and even track runs on my watch… I’ve tried to read the German constitution but I need a good translation into English.After hearing these stories about Google and Privacy in Germany, I couldn’t help but think about the philosophical implications on privacy and property rights and ownership and enforcement of rigid  ideals through less rigid laws.

The United States Constitution doesn’t actually mention that citizens have a right to privacy explicitly. Nor does any other constitutional document(s) that I am aware of; however, high and junior courts have made judgments since their existence to honor an almost “right” to privacy… and has been thought of as protected by the virtues 9th Amendment or what we know as unenumerated rights .

I’m compelled to know if people regard having pictures of their property on the internet for public use is infringing on their ability to be the kinds of owners that they desire to be. I’m also compelled to know how Google’s actions are any different than those of governments use of  surveillance technologies like satellites to execute strategy of sorts. The Bush and Obama administrations have been probed unsuccessfully to divulge their security ambitions on public privacy and their command of technologies. Will people in all nations including the US and Germany be driven into being well documented by technological means kickin and screaming? Is it for their own good…lol? I’ve got more to say/write, but your thoughts may be more insightful and entertaining. Feel free to email me as usual.

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