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The Electronic Revolution is Over

I saw this on Paul Saffo’s website and thought you’d all like to see it as well. 30 could be argued for accuracy, but +/- a few years and its a good gauge. The growth of technologies and our own biology requires even more minds dedicated to the exploration of the ethical “good”

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Saffo: about IFTF.

Breakthrough hailed in quest for ‘God particle’

The Higgs Boson particle’s (regularly called the God particle) ability to mend the “inconsistencies” of particle physics was identified as a theory to remedy the flaws in our Individualistic and Spiritually Conservative understanding of our actual “being”. From a mathematical standpoint, String Theory remedies this by offering a non-particle solution to our physical makeup. If anyone wants to have this conversation, I’m willing to make time to do so. I’ve consistently stated that the God ideal is spawn of our historic Individualistic understanding of our celestial and terrestrial existence. As we will continue to learn through identification of our physical connections.

In my next book Essays exploiting spiritual disincentives for humanity, there is an essay titled Individuality and Individualism that established the differences between the ideal that we are rigid individuals in need of some governance, and the constant pursuit of individual development that it necessary for us to add value to the rational group interest.

This is ridiculous. If a God is not of physical bounds or construction, it cannot have a particle. Lets be responsible people and own up to our real physical potential, because we live in a physical uni(multi)verse.

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