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Email Response: Capitalists and Other Psychopaths

By: Ted Parker for NYT

Yesterday a psychologist friend of mine sent me this article along with a few other folks to ask if she should be getting into this field of study.

Read the article HERE

Here is my response via email.
ooooh thank you for this article.
I think that you should be studying this…..I’d love to drop everything and do a deep dive into this. I particularly like this quote from the article.

” First of all, if entrepreneurs are job creators, workers are wealth creators. Entrepreneurs use wealth to create jobs for workers. Workers use labor to create wealth for entrepreneurs — the excess productivity, over and above wages and other compensation, that goes to corporate profits. It’s neither party’s goal to benefit the other, but that’s what happens nonetheless. “

This also feeds into that article that we are supposed to be doing about the PTS that I’m almost sure that the long-term out of work has….it would be the flip-side of psychopathic capitalists mis-judging the “wealth creators” as Deresiewics put it. I almost resent how accurate Ayn Rand’s rational self interest is, which is why I think that there are only technological solutions to sociopathic and psychopathic culture. There have to be quantifiable checks and balances….because humans do a poor job (and have always) at evaluating risks and allocation resources. We can still be human or humane and operate in sync.

While at MSU this associate professor that attended my philosophy clubs took-a-stab to sum all of this up as “the contradictions of capitalism”, but these problems are not inherent to capitalism…they are just a spawn of our understanding of our own individualism. it what makes Ayn Rand so fearfully, spot on.

From a literary standpoint, I think we can address this problem well by exploiting and remedying, what I’m calling:

The five contradictions of individualism and its off-spring:

  1. Ecology
  2. Inequality
  3. Poverty
  4. Property
  5. Systemic Risk

But again, all I think that we can suggest are the error-proofs (Ron knows what I’m talking about)…I don’t see how there are solutions other than technological ones (methodological, hard/softwares), that could pervade a group (of any size) of individuals.

Google German Street View met with Opposition

Deutsche Welle | 20.09.2010.

I heard this story yesterday and thought of the non-existent opposition that Google in getting in its home country while charting as much of it as possible. I’ve actually enjoyed using Google Maps and Google Earth in every country that I’ve been in to chart my travel and even track runs on my watch… I’ve tried to read the German constitution but I need a good translation into English.After hearing these stories about Google and Privacy in Germany, I couldn’t help but think about the philosophical implications on privacy and property rights and ownership and enforcement of rigid  ideals through less rigid laws.

The United States Constitution doesn’t actually mention that citizens have a right to privacy explicitly. Nor does any other constitutional document(s) that I am aware of; however, high and junior courts have made judgments since their existence to honor an almost “right” to privacy… and has been thought of as protected by the virtues 9th Amendment or what we know as unenumerated rights .

I’m compelled to know if people regard having pictures of their property on the internet for public use is infringing on their ability to be the kinds of owners that they desire to be. I’m also compelled to know how Google’s actions are any different than those of governments use of  surveillance technologies like satellites to execute strategy of sorts. The Bush and Obama administrations have been probed unsuccessfully to divulge their security ambitions on public privacy and their command of technologies. Will people in all nations including the US and Germany be driven into being well documented by technological means kickin and screaming? Is it for their own good…lol? I’ve got more to say/write, but your thoughts may be more insightful and entertaining. Feel free to email me as usual.

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