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#OWS #OCCUPY TOGETHER set to “LOVE THAT’S AMERICA” by Melvin Van Peebles

Seeing all of the cities that this movement has swept by in the US alone is tragic and compelling. I finding my household falling somewhere at the tip of the economic 1% percent and yet I’m driving to post images and video of this on going protest and the efforts to hush it, because of my fear that the ideal of a democratic nation vanish in my short lived lifetime. Anyone would know from my writings on arbitrage that if the wealth is n;t distributed across a relatively (per the population) wide audience that influence is impossible.

Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution

How have I missed this movement in my own backyard? preoccupied with publishers and the business of the day? wrapped up in my Rand-ian rational-self-interests?

These people aren’t looking for jobs per se, based on their rhetoric they are looking for something new. But what can we provide that is in fact new, without outsourcing some of the traditional responsibilities that we used to leave to the bias of a few good men?

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