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Social Constructivism Vs. Technological Determinism

What are Social Constructivism and Technological Determinism? Two conflicting ideals regarding how human progress is derived and manifested.

In short:
Socio-Political factors derive our ability to innovation moreover technological development.
Technology determines our socio-cultural make-up

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These ideals are important to understand as we start to discuss phrases like “Information Society”, “Industrialized Societies”. So, is Infomation leading the change in social fabric or society took its course to spur Infomation Revolution. Or is there some meshing of the two that has yielded our modern reality? I think everyone already knows that I am a technological determinist, but I’m open to discuss the opposing ideal.

Karl Marx, the communist believed that capitalism will destroy itself giving way to a class-less society. Many argue that he was a technological determinist while others (Rosenberg: Inside the Black Box) show that it is easier to identify that he was not. Does that influence your subscription? If so, how?

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